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"I have been a stick lover and user my whole life. Brilliant concept and so well realized. Like I said, you are a Moonbeam superstar."

Jim Barnes, Moonbeam Awards Director

"...a wonderful book that will spark any child's imagination...a fabulous addition to any classroom or personal library!"

Donna Harris, Retired Elementary Vocal/General Music Teacher - Maryland

"Beautifully written and illustrated...will connect your children to children and your children to the wonder of nature. It begs for a trip outdoors with a stick in hand."

Doris Hazlegrove, First Grade Teacher

Chesterfield Public Schools - Virginia

"Written with delightful descriptions and with a love for all types of trees, this book has a stick for every imagination."

Christine Johnson, Middle School Teacher                          Watersprings School - Idaho

The Tapping Stick   Wins Silver Medal 2021 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

"Thoughtful...unique...gorgeous illustrations...a splendid tribute honoring one of nature's greatest and most diverse gifts - trees...capturing the magnificence and ingenuity of children in their own imaginative worlds."

- Jennifer Padgett, M.ED., Education Specialist - Texas

"I read this book with my three sons, ages 8, 6, and 5. They liked reading about the different ways kids play and use their imaginations, and they were entertained by the illustrations as well. The building and fishing sticks were their favorites. We enjoyed the storyline and the flow of the book. It ended very well with the planting of the tree for future generations. It gave them something to think about."

Lynette Tucker, Homeschooling

mother of three boys - Oregon

"...an inspiring must-read story for all ages. With the author's endearing words, it combines the creativity of what a simple stick can be in a child's mind along with the powerful message to be kind to our earth."

Colleen M. Hyde, Reading Specialist,

Churchville Elementary School - Maryland

"...wonderful story...shows how simple things such as a stick can draw out a child's imagination..no need to look beyond one's own environment for creativity, and adventure!"

Mercedes Alvarado, First Grade Teacher

Lujan-Chavez Elementary School - Texas

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Kip, the mischievous mouse is back! Causing chaos and learning what it means to be a friend

Friends are not always easy to find. If you’re very lucky, you may come upon someone special and different.  Kip, mischievous as ever,  finds a new a friend and together their imaginations soar through adventures, creating memories for a lifetime. Check out this award winning children's book.

The Adventure Begins

Story Monsters Ink 2020 Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner


Middle Grade Fiction

and Best Cover Design



“The content is rich with topics relevant to young children: love, friendship, forgiveness, bullying, loss, justice, and success. . .this book is ideal to use for literature circles and whole class readings.”

                                                       San Francisco Book Review

"Will Mia accomplish her journey without any fear? Or will she fail the trip and choose a different path? I recommend this book to someone who loves adventure."

                                                                                       Kids' BookBuzz

Meet Kip, a mischievous mouse in Seize the Cheese, a children's book by author and poet D. A. Jennings

Seize the Cheese

Meet Kip.  A mischievous mouse who wears sunglasses, runs around with a knot in his tail, and carries with him the mystery of why he has part of his ear missing.  He will wiggle his way into your funny bone, and have you pulling your hair out because of his pranks.

One Hundred Lives by D. A. Jennings.  Life and Nature Poured into Poetry. dajennings.com

One Hundred Lives

Life and Nature Poured into Poetry


Open the book

Slip into shoes that walk

City streets or roam the fields.


Turn the page

Sit on the corner with arrogance.

Laugh about Neuticles and nose pickers.


Flip the page

Tip your hat to the brave.

Tremble at the monster under your bed.


Walk with strangers

As you live one hundred lives.

D. A. Jennings American Sports Legends: Your Turn to Score at dajennings.com

American Sports Legends: Your Turn to Score


A poetic sports trivia challenge to identify 68 sports legends from 1912 through 2015.  This book is created for the enjoyment of individual readers, family, friends, and competitive groups.

"Unlike any other book I know. The 68 verse quizzes on the identity of sports figures are challenging, provocative, and fun,  not to mention a clever way of introducing students to reading and understanding verse."


Nick Acocella, author of The New Biographical History of Baseball.


manhatten book review.jpg

I can say with great certainty that sports lovers will enjoy every single topic found within this history packed book's pages and fans of poetry will love each section's meaningful prose.  This is a book for the entire family - one that you can turn to for quick review time and time again.  This book engages with the reader and allows them to have an active conversation with the material.  A fast-paced and exciting journey through poetry and sports.

      San Francisco Book Review


Some poems would challenge even the most knowledgeable sports enthusiasts. A great book
for sports enthusiasts – especially those who love trivia.

     Manhattan Book Review


Unlike any other book I know. The 68 verse quizzes on the identity of sports figures are challenging, provocative, and fun,  not to mention a clever way of introducing students to reading and understanding verse. 

     Nick Acocella, author of The New Biographical History of Baseball

This book of poetry reads like a compelling quiz show as you are taken back in time to some of sports' greatest moments. The prose contains clues as to the events and athletes that you must decipher to figure out. I would highly recommend this book to all lovers of sports, especially sports trivia.

     Bill Speir, Sports enthusiast / Amazon.com review

D. A. Jennings is an author, poet, storyteller, presenter and teacher. Visit dajennings.com often for news about the author and upcoming book signings and events.