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ABOUT D. A. Jennings

D.A. Jennings is a storyteller, who delights in the reality of life and the wonderment of make-believe. This year she released two new children’s books: Cheese? Yes, Please!,  the sequel to Seize the Cheese; and The Tapping Stick, a celebration of trees and the children who enjoy them.


Here is a short narrative about each of her books:


American Sports Legends: Your Turn to Score, was her first book. It is a poetic sports trivia challenge to identify 68 sports legends from 1912 through 2015. This book was designed to be enjoyed by individual readers and competitive groups who thrive on trivia. This is not for the faint of heart. Knowledge of the athlete’s sport and private life is pivotal to winning.


One Hundred Lives: Life and Nature Poured into Poetry, her second book, was released in 2016. Her poetry captures the essence of the human experience: humor, tragedy, joy, failure, and triumph. It has become a popular book for public readings.

Seize the Cheese, her third book and first children's illustrated book depicts the escapades of Kip, a mischievous mouse who skitters his way into your funny bone. His pranks are illustrated by Victoria Jennings Huling. The mother/daughter duo collaborated closely to bring this book to life.


Mia - Ripples in the Water, her multi-award-winning chapter book, is perfect for young readers. Middle school children travel with Mia on her adventure from Italy to Africa as she experiences the joys and dangers of being on her own. Early reviews proclaim that parents and siblings enjoy reading this book to younger children as well. The sequel to Mia will be released next year.

Cheese? Yes, Please! Winner of the Royal Dragonfly Award from Story Monsters, is the second book in Kip’s trilogy. In this book, his life begins a wonderful transition when he finds a friend…someone willing to help him become a better version of himself. Together, they experience an amazing summer of adventure and make-believe.


The inspiration for The Tapping Stick came when the writer observed her two-year-old grandson on a walking trail. He picked up a stick and used it to tap the elongated music chimes, the ground, the rocks, the trunks of trees… Ideas began to spark for the author! How else could a tapping stick be used? And how could this joy be preserved for future generations? The result? The Tapping Stick.


A number of her poems also appear in the Voices from the Susquehanna, Volume III, which was released in 2016. Her poems have also appeared in memoirs by two other authors.

Ms. Jennings' educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Broadcasting from the University of Texas at El Paso, a master's in Public Human Resources Administration from Central Michigan University, and graduation from the Army Management Staff College.  She teaches creative writing classes at Harford Community College, is a member of the Harford Writers' Group @ The Library, and helped develop the teaching curriculum for the Harford Community College Writers' School. She holds a special affinity for the American Soldier, based on her thirty-plus years of working as a civilian for the Department of Army.


Victoria Jennings Huling is a graphic designer/illustrator and graduate of Messiah College, Pennsylvania. She created the cover and interior art for: Cheese? Yes, Please; Seize the Cheese; Mia, Ripples in the Water, One Hundred Lives; and American Sports Legends.


Dan Kane is an artist and designer in Brooklyn, New York. He created the cover and interior art for The Tapping Stick.